Anonymised consumer spending data and analysis. Across Europe, in real time and at scale

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Questions we answer:

  • How price-sensitive are Netflix customers?

  • Who is Tesco winning market share from?

  • How is the M&S online business performing against peers?

  • Are easyjet bookings for the holiday season in line with expectations?

What we do

Better data

Decision makers rely on data that is out of date and sub scale.

At Fable we are on a mission to provide better data.

Alternative, anonymous, real time and in large volumes.

Our data ethics

We put ethics first. Simple

What does this mean?

We think long and hard about what data we source and then what we do with it.

Our founding principle is that we only source anonymous data, not personal data.

And we go to great lengths to ensure that the data cannot be reverse engineered to identify an individual.

Fable's Data Ethics Policy

Real time, large scale, anonymous data tracking the European economy-  from alternative sources.

Covering consumption, employment, wages, savings and investments from consumers and businesses.

With the volume, granularity and timeliness that you need.

Delivered as pure data APIs, aggregated indices or via intuitive front end.

Our Alternative Data

Our Customers

Decision makers in finance, commerce and government.

Who need to understand the economy in realtime.

Why Fable, what's in the name

In 1705 the intellectual Mandeville made the first, and at the time radical, attempt to demonstrate the collective good that individual economic activity can bring with his fable of the bees. - Wikipedia... 

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