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Role and Responsibilities

We are looking for an aspiring Data Scientist at the start of their career or with a year or two of experience. Someone who is keen to learn and willing to contribute at a start-up.


Develop, grow and document Fable’s Data Science Capabilities and knowledge 

Fable’s success depends on the quality of our Data Science output. We need to understand Partner Specific data, Market Specific data and Merchant / string specific data in order to develop better models and features than better than any competitor


  • Effectively manage projects, tasks and stakeholders to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget and to brief specification whilst ensuring minimal downtime and maximum utilisation. 

  • Challenge and improve Fable DS through development of tools or processes that offer opportunities to Fable and our clients. 

  • Create training data sets as inputs for our predictive models 

  • Work closely with key internal stakeholders (Product Team, Technology Team) to ensure sound knowledge of end client objectives to inform feature and product development  

  • Follow best practice in compute resource management to help ensure that infrastructure is used optimally 

  • Develop an understanding of the technological and analytical developments throughout the industry 

  • Work closely impart and advocate the adoption of new techniques and best practice 

  • Monitor new technological developments and competitor products aiming to make Fable the market leader 


Shape and role model adoption of the processes and tools we use to ensure they are fit for purpose 

Process underpins our success and efficiency. We need to record our exploratory work (the failures and successes) and translate this into production code with rigorous quality control and audit. We need a log of technical work and data dictionary to record the discoveries we make as our partners, pipeline and products evolve. 


  • Azure DevOps (GitHub) for code source control for development and production code with comments and notes on why and how a version has been incremented  

  • Before: Write project briefs with clear output objectives, technical approach and timing plan 

  • During: Regular QA, tracking vs tasks on timing plan and progress summary for internal stakeholders 

  • After: How to documents on our DS pipeline – technical audience and exec summary for non-technical audience 

  • Shape the VM images with the CTO to drive efficiency and manage costs 

  • Evolve Fable’s data science – keep an eye on technical advances and competitor landscape  


Information Security 

Security is of paramount important to our commercial relationships. We must adhere to laws of the jurisdictions that we operate in. We must protect data that comes from our partners and all the value that we create from processing it. Security includes data, systems and physical access. All are potential sources of vulnerability that we must be aware of and protect.  


  • Adhere to and contribute to Fable’s Data Security policy and practical implementation  

  • Protect Fable’s IP 

  • Protect confidentialities: Partners, Clients, PII and information that could be used in conjunction with other data to identify an individual 


Create the culture of a world class data science company  

Communicate complex techniques to internal and external clients who will have a need for different levels of depth and understanding. Understand the requirements of the stakeholders when developing solutions, while focusing on the end result, not just the technique. Build relationships with Fable staff, Data Partners and Client staff 

  • On boarding new starters. Develop and run the induction process. 

  • Recruitment: Talent pipeline, interviewing and University out reach. 

  • Networking and learning: Meet ups, desk research and conferences.  


Technical skills 

  • Proficient in Python, with knowledge of various packages including sklearn, numpy, Tensorflow and Matplotlib 

  • Understanding of a variety of machine learning models, such as XGBoost and Neural Networks and their trade-offs 

  • Familiar with Word embedding and Multi classification techniques 

  • Experience with developing production code along with an understanding of source control via Git 

  • General understanding of web scrapping 



Language skills

Knowledge of the retail environment in France, Germany, Spain and Italy and a major European language would be beneficial but not essential.

Please include your GitHub/Kaggle link with your application.

Applicants must have the right to work in the UK.

We provide data and insight services using consumer and SME transaction data from millions of users within European banks and

credit card providers. We are on a mission to provide better data to decision makers,

anonymised, real time and at scale.

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