Consumer transaction data and analysis across Europe.

Anonymised. Real time. At scale.

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What we do

We are Europe's leading source of transaction data.

We provide data and insights services from consumer and small business transaction data  from millions of users within European banks, credit card providers and fintechs. 


Better data, better decisions.

Decision makers rely on data that is out of date and sub scale.

Fable data is on a mission to provide better data

Our mission

Our Alternative Data



Unavailable via any other data vendor and with a hashed consumer key


Optimised and stratified from a far larger population 


Provides a T+1 read of the entire European consumer economy


Allows clients to track consumer behaviour, merchant performance and market dynamics. Unrivalled merchant and consumer attributes


Always anonymised and GDPR compliant

Fable's Data Ethics Policy


Sourced directly from global banks, credit card companies and open banking operators

Our Processes 


We selectively partner with diverse data providers to build a sample representative of the entire consumer economy


Our classification models turn raw transaction data into row level transactions, tagged to merchants and stock tickers and combined with enhanced geo-demographic information 


Our data experts will work with you to find signals and to form new data driven strategies 


Receive our data through SFTP or Amazon S3 delivery at row level or in aggregate. Alternatively our online interactive tool can provide the answers you need


Our Clients

Our data can enable help decision makers in every industry to make informed decisions.


We enable alpha for our investment clients by demonstrating company performance earlier than any other direct revenue data source. 


Our corporate clients find the answers to the most granular customer, competitor and location questions. 

Our latest blogs

Why Fable, what's in the name

In 1705 the intellectual Mandeville made the first, and at the time radical, attempt to demonstrate the collective good that individual economic activity can bring with his fable of the bees. - Wikipedia... 

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We provide data and insight services using consumer and SME transaction data from millions of users within European banks and

credit card providers. We are on a mission to provide better data to decision makers,

anonymised, real time and at scale.

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