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The Fable Team brings together financial, data science, and data ethics expertise, to build our market-leading technical and commercial model. We are a group of people who are passionate about the possibilities of data. We value diversity and different perspectives.
If you have an inquisitive mind, and an aptitude for innovative solutions, we look forward to hearing from you.​

At Fable, we are all about being People with Purpose, driving
Whole World Thinking, and bringing together Individual Value & Collective Strength.

96% of our team recommend us as a great place to work - Jan 2022

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Want to change the world with data?

People With Purpose 

  • Do the right thing: ​We are a mission-led company with a huge purpose. Our ethics are infused with everything we do. We continuously ask ourselves if we are doing the right thing, making sure we are responsible as a business. If something isn’t right, we don’t do it.

  • Be the expert: Expertise is what drives us. Embodying this means showing and encouraging passion & ambition, maintaining high standards with a relentless focus on quality, and always seeking to learn and teach so expertise is spread.


 Whole World Thinking 

  • Thoughtfulness: Thinking and being thoughtful, makes us the best we can be as a business – we think of what’s best for our team and partners we work with. We think about consequences, we consider the long term. We must always think about the smartest route before acting.

  • Ownership & Accountability: We are a business of adults, and we will treat you as such. At Fable, we hold ourselves and our teams accountable, we take ownership. We empower each other and don’t place blame, but honestly acknowledge mistakes to learn and improve.

Individual Value, Collective Strength
  • Collaboration: Fable is a team, first and foremost and we get joy from being a team! We are collaborative one to one, in our teams and across the business. Collaboration knows no hierarchy or protectionism, only achieving better things together.
  • Growth, together: As Fable cannot grow without its team, each team member cannot grow alone. We invest in growing ourselves as much as we invest in growing each other. We all pull in the same direction and all benefit as a result. We celebrate and value each other, as individuals and as a team. There is no room for ego or ‘I’ in a team.
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