Want to change the world with data?

We are a group of people who are passionate about the possibilities of data. Our standards are the highest. Ethical. Collaborative. Intellectual. We value diversity and different perspectives. If you have a questioning mind, and a gift in finding answers, we look forward to hearing from you.​

At Fable we are all about being Responsible, and aiming for Excellence, by being Nurturing.


  • Respect: Ethics are at the heart of our business.

  • Trust: Everything is based on trust, not rules. We trust our team to make the right judgement.

  • Karma: We are not a cult, don’t worry, but what goes around comes around.

  • Leadership: We believe that leadership is about developing individuals and teams.


  • Collaboration: No person is an island. We take a team approach to problem solving.

  • Performance: We measure outputs. Not inputs. We set clear objectives and provide support in achieving them.

  • Self-development: We invest in technical and leadership skills.

  • Difference: We have no people stereotype. In fact, we celebrate difference.

  • Curious: We want our people to ask challenging questions.

  • Change: We are a start-up. We have a clear plan. But the needs of the business will change as we move forward.


  • People first: We put our people first. Before clients, partners and investors. Why? If our people are at their best, it follows that everyone else will be well looked after.

  • Balance: We are building Fable for the long-term. We want people with us for the long-term. Work/life balance is essential.

Current opportunities

Director of Data Partnerships


This is a great opportunity for an experienced, entrepreneurial business development expert, to build and manage our partnerships with data providers

Software Developer (C#, .NET, SQL, Python)


Working with the CTO, CIO and the Data Science team.

Data Analyst


This is a great opportunity for someone who has commercial acumen and good stakeholder management skills to play an important role in delivering the strategic goals for the business.

Junior Data Scientist


We are looking for a Junior Data Scientist at the start of their career, or with a year or two of experience. Someone who is keen to learn and willing to contribute to a start-up.

Corporate Sector Client Executive


This is a great opportunity for a smart, ambitious and dynamic individual to join an exciting technology and data start-up that is developing a new market and growing rapidly despite these turbulent times.

Data Scientists and Data Analysts at all levels


We are always keen to hear from data scientists and analysts who are looking for a new challenge. 

We provide data and insight services using consumer and SME transaction data from millions of users within European banks and

credit card providers. We are on a mission to provide better data to decision makers,

anonymised, real time and at scale.

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