Better data...

During my time in government and business I have helped Ministers, industry leaders and global investors make decisions.

Too often these decisions are based on data sets that are small in sample, stale and skewed.

This leads to sub-optimal decision on matters of policy, capital allocation and commercial strategies – ultimately negatively impacting economic growth, job creation and levels of investment into public services.

I was frustrated, and at times very worried. And believed there must be better data out there. Which is why I set up

We are working with technology partners from across Europe building anonymous consumer data sets that are realtime, large scale, accurate and predictive. We can see the economy in real time, anonymously.

There are many commercial applications for this data; but my personal mission is to get this data into the hands of decision makers everywhere, as better data will lead to better decisions, and I believe, a better world.

If you are in government or academia and want to work with our data sets please let me know.