• Fable Data

Weekly Consumer Economy Report (23 – 29 March 2020)

Updated: Apr 9

In light of the ever changing situation surrounding Covid-19, Fable Data publishes a weekly report to reveal the magnitude of the daily fluctuations across the European consumer economy. Our data shows the shift in spending trends by category, region and demographic subgroups, helping decision-makers make better decisions in this challenging environment.

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Aggregate Spend:

UK spend starts to trend downward whilst Germany declines for a third week

After previously remaining stable, UK YoY spend changed course and trended downwards throughout the week to -8% YoY (-1% end of last week). In contrast, Germany YoY spend continued its downward trend which started on 6th March, falling to 11% below seasonal norms.

By Category:

Grocery: In the UK, Grocery spend growth trended downwards throughout the week from +54% YoY to flat. DE Grocery growth also slowed but less dramatically and off a higher base, falling from +71% to +50% YoY.

Pharmacy: The UK showed a U-turn in pharmacy spend, falling from +12% YoY to -60% by the end of the week. DE spend also slowed but remained in positive territory, falling from +31% to only +6% by the end of the week.

Food & Beverage: Both UK and DE restaurant/bar spend fell significantly, falling from ~-75% to ~-95% as the week progressed.

UK by group:

Spend by Cosmopolitans has been more resilient than Suburbanites, London spend has been sticky vs the rest of the country, and SME's have been outspending the consumer.