• Fable Data

Weekly Consumer Economy Report (25-31 May)

In light of the ever changing situation surrounding Covid-19, Fable Data publishes a weekly report to reveal the magnitude of the daily fluctuations across the European consumer economy. Our data shows the shift in spending trends by category, region and demographic subgroups, helping decision-makers make better decisions in this challenging environment.

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The recovery of spend in the UK and Germany continues month on month, however the trend is slowing – this week both countries plateaued.

Transport-related categories across the UK and Germany (e.g. Fuel, Taxicabs and Limousines, Public Transport) YoY performance improved modestly versus last week, although still down YoY. UK Hardware Stores’ YoY growth continued again this week, although in Germany this has slowed. The gradual recovery seen in Clothing YoY has eased this week, with the same trend seen in Germany, but both are still lower than last year.

London’s spend contribution index rallied this week, while East Midlands saw the largest fall amongst the regions. Amongst ONS subgroups, Cosmopolitans spend contribution index had a notable increase.

While consumer spend fell further compared with last year versus last week, recovery in SME spend YoY was flat versus last week.