• Fable Data

Weekly Consumer Economy Report (30 – 5 April 2020)

In light of the ever changing situation surrounding Covid-19, Fable Data publishes a weekly report to reveal the magnitude of the daily fluctuations across the European consumer economy. Our data shows the shift in spending trends by category, region and demographic subgroups, helping decision-makers make better decisions in this challenging environment.

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Over the last seven days our data shows UK spend improving, whereas Germany continues to fall

During the week from 30th March until 5th April, we saw a divergence between UK and Germany consumer spending.

Our UK daily spend index showed slight improvement from 92 to 96, after falling from a peak of 103 in early March. Our Germany spend index, on the other hand, continued its decline for the fourth week in a row, falling to 86 by 5th April.

Additionally, there were significant changes in consumer spending by sector. In both the UK and Germany, airlines, freight, clothing, and fuel continued to show dramatic YoY declines.

Conversely, growth in digital goods were up over 100% YoY for both countries throughout the week. In the UK, grocery spend began to decline YoY to -13% by 5th April, whereas Germany spend in this category was ~50% higher YoY throughout the week. Off-licences (liquor stores) declined ~50% YoY in UK, whereas the same category saw YoY growth of 30% in Germany.