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A single-minded purpose, delivered with passion and pride

Our mission is to arm the world’s decision-makers with the most reliable, trustworthy, and timely consumer transaction data available. Great data can change the world!

Head and Heart

Established in 2018, Fable is a leading data aggregator and data science company. Our international team is made up of over 70 talented and committed individuals.

Fable was founded by Luke Kennedy and Suraj Gohil. Their respective experiences in government and fund management led them to the same conclusion. Vital decisions that affected whole communities (and, in some cases, countries) were being made with incomplete, stale data.

Today, Fable seeks to meet this challenge, by providing award-winning, real-time datasets to government, central banks, and leading universities on a pro bono basis. As a business, we also supply our data to investors and corporate organizations. After all, better decision-making across society ultimately benefits all of us.

“There are many commercial applications for our data; but my personal mission is to get this data into the hands of decision makers everywhere, as better data will lead to better decisions, and I believe, a better world.”

Luke Kennedy, Fable Data CEO

Fable’s data is trusted by many of the world’s most influential organizations including…


A Culture of Collaboration

We have consciously shaped a team of brilliant people, working brilliantly together.

We often talk about ‘Individual Value and Collective Strength’ – there’s magic in how each person can contribute to something so much bigger. We are considered in our approach, thoughtful towards our colleagues and always committed to doing the right thing.


People with Purpose

  • Our mission is to change the world with great data
  • We create a real-time view of the global economy to inform better decision-making in business and government
  • Data ethics and social responsibility are at the heart of our business

Whole World Thinking

  • We pioneer untapped data sources and have the courage to go first
  • We innovate to deliver the valuable insights our clients need.
  • We seamlessly deliver world class solutions for our clients, every day

Individual Value, Collective Strength

  • We are excited about finding and sharing insights from our data
  • We are thoughtful leaders and put our people first
  • Everyone should be given the opportunity to take ownership, grow and excel
  • We value diversity and different perspectives

In the Safest Hands

Our talented Executive Team brings many years of industry and sector expertise to Fable

Luke Kennedy


Suraj Gohil

Chief Commercial Officer

Sairam Kamath

Chief Technology Officer

Felicity Emmett

Chief Strategy Officer

Kate Davies

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Stephanie Goulden

Finance Director


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