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Real-time European transaction data for Corporates_

Fable Data is Europe’s leading source of consumer transaction data, covering major European economies including UK, Germany and France.

Get insight on individual merchant and category performance, macro growth trends, pricing and consumer behaviour changes in realtime.


Make better business decisions with granular customer and competitor insight 

Fable’s clients have access to the most comprehensive anonymized dataset of European banking and credit card transactions.

We source our data directly and exclusively from European banks and card issuers.

Our advanced proprietary algorithms enable us to accurately extract merchant and category information from each card transaction. We further enrich the data with detailed merchant and consumer attributes.

Fable has developed a unique methodology of ‘privacy by design’ so that responsible data handling and the preservation of privacy is always our first consideration.

Use cases 

Informing essential business decisions


Big Tech

  • Validate and fill gaps in traditional government statistics with Fable’s powerful transaction data
  • Establish whether a brand is in line with macroeconomic trends 
  • Inform demand forecasting by understanding impact of market events and early indicators of change by region, channel and demographic 
  • Conduct market opportunity analysis, via shifts in customer spend  

Euro Retail

  • Analyze competitor performance
  • Measure share of wallet dynamics 
  • Gain shopper intelligence
  • Obtain shopper loyalty insights and undertake meaningful customer profiling 
  • Discover invaluable spend insights
  • Determine where to open new outlets
  • Evaluate established sites   


  • Validate the performance of emerging merchants in your space. Assess the potential for acquisition, with point in time performance data
  • Determine whether to continue investing in a business or invest in a new business that captures new avenues of consumer demand 
  • Utilize macro consumer behaviours to inform demand forecasting with precision


Fable Signal

Row level solutions providing every transaction from every user with daily updates

Fable Signal is designed for data driven businesses who want a comprehensive read of the European economy.



Access powerful actionable insights


Not available with any other data supplier


Diverse data sourcing for a well stratified sample


Always anonymized and GDPR compliant


Extensive coverage of merchants across key European economies with 7+years history


Granular transaction data cleaned and tagged by merchant


Market leading latency of 3 days from transaction date


Every transaction with detailed merchant and consumer attributes


Our team of researchers, data scientists and analysts on hand to support with onboarding

The latest from the Insights Centre_

Fable’s data is trusted by many of the world’s most influential organizations including…



It is sourced directly and exclusively from banks and credit card issuers. We are proud of the long- term partnerships we have built with global banks, who trust us to handle, share and commercialize their data.

We have over seven years of history for demand forecasting and trend analysis, and we cover the performance of a high volume of merchants including listed and private companies. Our data portfolio is constantly updated as we onboard new European data partners. Please contact us for the latest information on global coverage and scale.

Our data is pan-European. We are continuously growing the number of European countries we cover and the amount of data we hold for each. For a detailed breakdown, please get in touch.

No. We have strict onboarding and quality assurance practices in place to ensure all our data at onboarding states is PD free. Our rigorous quality assurance processes ensure this remains the case.

Yes, we offer a 30day trial of our live feed and full history. Trials are available on all products. Please get in touch to find out more.

Yes. Our products come with additional material to enable all technical teams and allow them to get the most out of our data.

In addition, our team of researchers, data scientists and analysists are always on hand to support with the onboarding of our data at the start, and analysis during evaluation.

We offer annual subscriptions to our data products.

We offer row level transaction data (Fable Signal), which provides the most granular view of the European economy.  We offer a daily live feed of individual transaction by individual user, formatted similarly to the rows on a credit or debit card statement.

We offer a range of different price points to suit all our clients depending on the sectors and geographies that most interest them.   Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.


Our data is typically delivered via AWS S3 and we are constantly reviewing other access methods so that our clients can access and get the most value out of our data in a way that suits them. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your preferences for accessing our data.