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The idea of “Data for Good” reflects Fable’s belief that accurate, real-time transaction data should always be used when determining economic policies.

We help make this possible by gifting our data to those in government, academia and research who make the kinds of decisions that can affect all of our lives.


Fable’s data is trusted by many of the world’s most influential organizations including…


Impeccable Credentials

Fable is relied upon by respected global organizations including the IMF, the Bundesbank and HM Treasury.

For decades, governments have had to rely on out-of-date intelligence to inform vital national and regional decision-making. Fable’s ambition is to transform this process by providing the next generation of economic statistics.

We do this on a pro bono basis in the knowledge that a better-informed economy is a better-managed economy. That means our society as a whole benefits too.


Fable in action

Here’s a selection of case studies, showcasing the vital and innovative work that our research partners have undertaken while using our data.

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“The work that Fable does has enormous private and public value. But this is only possible and sustainable if respect for data security and personal privacy is at the heart of all that they and their partners do. That is why high standards of compliance and data security are absolutely central to Fable’s business and its values.”

Rt Hon. David Laws, Former UK Government Minister

“The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has used Fable data to help support questions in a wide range of policy areas. The speed of delivery allows us to get insight into rapidly evolving policy questions in real time, while the granularity of the transaction data enables us to understand the underlying drivers of changes in spending trend” 

Government Partner

Compliance & Data Ethics

We have built strong relationships with multiple international Data Partners. And we have created an innovative and ethical business model. We are able to provide anonymized, factual, large-scale economic snapshots of consumer transaction data. This presents a unique opportunity to enhance both policy-making and research.

Our rigorous compliance protocols confirm our commitment to ensuring that no personal information is ever held by Fable Data.  

Fable Data is now voluntarily applying the Code of Practice for Statistics, a standard that providers of official statistics adhere to. Although not mandated for Fable, we are committed to adhering to these practices as a leading provider of alternative data.

You can read our Statement of Compliance with the code here


Frequently asked questions

Yes – at Fable Data, compliance is of utmost importance and we are a personal data free institution. We take a dual approach to anonymising data – we require our data suppliers to carry out anonymisation before sending data over  and we apply checks and processes internally. We have proprietary software that goes beyond the current regulatory requirements to ensure that all sensitive and personal data is removed.

Fable Data recognizes the importance of ethical and legal rights when it comes to protecting individual users’ autonomy and privacy. We review our data suppliers’ privacy policies and terms of use to make sure that appropriate consent is taken from individuals before their information is shared or used. At Fable Data, ensuring the safety of an individual’s data is at the forefront of our compliance practices.

At Fable Data, we understand the power of data to improve decision making everywhere. That is why we work with leading financial institutions around the world. Our highly detailed and large scale datasets are generated in partnership with global banks as well as cutting edge open banking fintechs, offering clients access to over 8 billion transactions every year. To ensure our clients always get high quality data, all of our compliance methodologies have been developed with support from both global banks and independent organizations.

At Fable Data, we believe that data is a powerful tool in driving the most effective economic decisions. Our Data for Good initiative provides pro-bono data to universities, research organizations and national and international decision makers across the world. This allows us to help make meaningful changes at every level of the economy. In addition to our non-profit work, we also offer premium services to corporate clients seeking for-profit data solutions. With our commitment to accuracy and timeliness, Fable Data stands ready to contribute towards achieving our vision of a world where all economic decisions are made using the best data possible.

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