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Chief Data Officer – Tier 1 European Bank operating internationally, providing credit cards and
euro savings accounts.

A new multi million revenue stream from our partnership with Fable Data

“Our Bank’s objective for many years was to find a way to responsibly realise the monetary value of our spending data in order to generate new revenues, but without ever compromising customer privacy.

We were attracted to Fable Data’s business model which is privacy by design, so data providers and underlying card holders are always completely anonymous. Additionally, their mission-led organisation reflected our ESG strategy, as Fable offers their intelligence to government and academics on a pro bono basis – for a better run economy. This was also a vital consideration for the Bank, as we fully support the idea of macro decision making based on reliable, timely data.

Our Legal and Compliance teams were also impressed by Fable’s approach to GDPR, as they opt to run a number of additional bespoke data diligence processes to protect identities.

This revenue contributes a meaningful amount to our local revenue. By adding our data to Fable’s existing data pool, the Bank has actively increased the value of its own data asset by combining it with similar other transaction data for maximum impact.

Fable Data’s mission led organisation is important to our ESG strategy

Our collaboration with Fable works for our business.
We deliver daily transaction files and Fable takes care
of everything else, integrating the data with other data sources, creating products and generating sales. We receive significant guaranteed revenues in return. I strongly recommend other financial institutions to look into the responsible monetisation of their data by talking to Fable.”

Who are Fable’s Data Partners

Leading banks
Credit card issuers
Established FinTechs

Value Fable brings to Data Partners

GDPR compliant

Full anonyzisation of transaction data with world class privacy technology

New Income Streams

High margin & figure revenue

Mission led

Sharing data with Central Banks, Governments and Universities on a pro bono basis


Developing commercially valued products to ensure a sustainable value for all


The value in the data comes from the signals in the curated products, not who or where the data comes from

Data commercialisation

Licensing Fable Data products to global decision makers including retailers, fortune 500 B2C tech companies and leading institutional investment funds

Fable’s data is trusted by many of the world’s most influential organizations including…

About Fable Data

Fable Data’s mission is to disrupt how we traditionally measure economies and markets, in the certain knowledge that better data leads to better decision making, both in government and in commerce.

For decades small scale surveys had been the only
option available for measuring economies, understanding markets and tracking consumer behaviours, but in today’s fast paced digital world such methodologies are no longer credible or reliable.

By creating deep and enduring partnerships with governments, global banks and academic institutions, Fable has created an exceptional and exclusive
data universe. Our technology reads millions of fully anonymized card transactions daily, to produce real time, accurate measures of economic activity at the country, city, post code, sector and company level. Our data is unique and immensely powerful.

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