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“The unprecedented global economic conditions that we experienced last year sent shock waves around the world for governments and policymakers alike. These conditions became the catalyst for central banks across Europe, and indeed across the world, to take decisive action by raising interest rates after a decade of near-zero values. And I think it’s fair to say that we witnessed reactionary steps in the UK for instance, that led to the destabilization of the financial sector and indeed the government.

So, how can those we trust to run our global economies make crucial decisions at a time of unprecedented economic conditions, when too often their decisions are based on data sets that are small in sample, stale and skewed?

Today we have the unique opportunity to get a live read of economies, enabling the most accurate analysis possible from which to make important and far reaching decisions.

This Report scratches the surface using Fable’s real-time consumer spend data, to identify and examine some of the extraordinary economic trends that we witnessed in 2022.”

Luke Kennedy
Founder & CEO
Fable Data

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