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Luke Kennedy
Founder & CEO

"During my time in government and business I helped Ministers, industry leaders and global investors make strategic decisions. Too often these decisions are based on data sets that are small in sample, stale and skewed. This leads to sub-optimal decision on matters of policy, capital allocation and commercial strategies – ultimately negatively impacting economic growth, job creation and levels of investment into public services.

I was frustrated, and at times very worried. And believed there must be better data out there. Which is why I set up Fable Data. We are working with cutting edge technology and financial partners from across Europe, to build anonymised consumer and business data sets that are real-time, large scale, accurate and predictive. We can see the economy in real time.

There are many commercial applications for this data; but my personal mission is to get this data into the hands of decision makers everywhere, as better data will lead to better decisions, and I believe, a better world.''

Luke Kennedy
Founder & CEO

Talk to me about building new markets, managing growth & surfing the stormy Atlantic.

Kitty Ussher

Chief Economic Advisor 

James Sherwood-Rogers
Non-Executive Chairman

Debbie Mulloy
Partnerships Director

Talk to me about commercial strategy, team motivation, and interior design. 

Stephanie Goulden
Business Development Director

Talk to me about data driven investment, scaling businesses, and the best alpine resorts.

Suraj Gohil 
Product and Market Strategy Director 

Talk to me about the stock market, Fable products, and finding the best coffee.

Dr. Mark Howland
Chief Data Scientist

Talk to me about data science, ethics, and Oxford United FC.

Sairam Kamath
Chief Technology Officer

Talk to me about trading strategies, data security, and the office WiFi.

Mick O'Connor
Director, Corporate Products & Strategy

Talk to me about corporate products, new markets, and geography.

Peter Johnson
Chief Finance Officer

Talk to me about business finances, compliance, and Goethe.

Rudy Seeneevassen
Director, Organisational Development

Talk to me about company efficiency, Agile, and global cuisine.

Tiffany Lathe 
Legal Counsel

Talk to me about contracts, IPOs, and company culture.

Richard Taylor
Data Scientist

Jonathan Franco
Data Scientist

Talk to me about machine learning, Python and gaming.

Marco Catania
Junior Data Scientist

Talk to me about computer programming, value investment and gaming.

Office Dog

Lucy’s role is to keep Regent’s Park free of squirrels, or find somewhere to sleep in the office.

Office Dog

A true terrier, with endless enthusiasm, Archie is happiest chasing anything that catches his attention. No detail escapes him.

Joash Alonso
Junior Data Scientist

Masood Shah
Senior Data Engineer

Avinash Srinivasan
Fundamental Equity Analyst

Talk to me about Equities, investment insights from Fable Data, and anything about sports!

Zina Papageorgiou
Business Development Executive

Talk to me about transaction data use cases, our portal 'Ask Fable', and history of art.

Anneliese Protheroe
Business Development & Marketing Manager

Talk to me about customer engagement, internal innovation, and floristry.

Charlotte Edge
Account Manager

Talk to me about Fable’s data services, maximising alpha, and dogs.

Ben Gibbons
Partnerships Executive

Talk to me about data ethics, innovation, and anything book-related.

Priscilla Donkor
Project Support & Admin Officer

Talk to me about all things admin and project related, and naturopathy.

We provide data and insight services using consumer and SME transaction data from millions of users within European banks and

credit card providers. We are on a mission to provide better data to decision makers,

anonymised, real time and at scale.

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