10 Fable Data learnings from the payments and Fintech industry

At Fable Data we have engaged with 250 EU Fintechs and banks over the past 2 years, here are a few things we have learnt…

Fable Data is meeting the demand for European transaction data

The alternative data market is currently worth $1.5-2bn. By 2022 the global market it is expected to grow to $5bn or 10% of global research budgets as investors increasingly switch away from commoditised bank research to new more insightful sources of information in order to capture alpha (the active return on an investment). Demand is predominantly from US investors, who are now seeking to source alternative data globally, with Europe being a priority. Fable Data has launched in order to plug the gap of consumer transaction data in Europe

We work with technology and financial partners from across Europe building anonymous consumer data sets that are real-time, large scale, accurate and predictive. We can see the economy in real time, anonymously. There are many commercial applications for this data, and significant revenues to be generated for our partners.

We only work with data fully stripped of PII; we take no Personal Data and we have no interest in Personal Data. Fable data cannot be used to reverse engineer, identify or target an individual.

Data sources increase in value when they are aggregated together as the underlying consumer panel becomes less skewed and more predictive. A single source could be skewed towards certain customer segments, demographics or regions, but the breadth of our relationships ensures a stratified European sample which will command a premium over the individual data sources available today. We also increase the usability of the data by building user interfaces, merchant and ticker aggregations. We use artificial intelligence techniques to ensure our data is sorted and tagged with ever increasing accuracy. Our data science team interrogates the data to find predictive insights alongside our experienced portfolio managers and commercial finance team who understand the predictive utility in relation to the markets and corporate strategy.

The end result is long term high value and high margin revenue streams for our data partners and better data getting into the hands of decision makers leading to benefits for all.

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Stephanie Goulden ACA, Business Development Director