See market dynamics, merchant performance and consumer trends in real time


Unavailable via any other data supplier

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Real Time

Provides a T+1 read of the European economy

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Sourced directly from global banks and financial institutions

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Unrivalled merchant and consumer attributes, with a hashed consumer key


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Fully tagged coverage of 1000s of merchants

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Always anonymized and GDPR compliant

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Diverse data sourcing for a well stratified sample

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6 years of history for backtesting and trend analysis

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Fable's bespoke four stage process to produce world class datasets...
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01. Acquire

We exclusively partner with banks and credit card companies to build an anonymised, real time sample representative of the entire consumer economy. 

01. Acquire


02. Structure

Our classification models turn raw transaction data into row level transactions, tagged to merchants and stock tickers, and combined with enhanced socio-demographic information.

02. Structure

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03. Analyze

Our experts will work with you to find signals and form new data-driven strategies. Choose from our row level products, or data aggregated by merchant or category.

03. Analyse

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04. Deliver

Flexibly receive our daily data through SFTP, Amazon S3 delivery.

04. Deliver

Fable’s consumer spending data has been adopted by top-tier investors, global tech companies, media outlets, government institutions and academic research bodies.


Our Award winning European transaction data is directly sourced from banks and credit card issuers, enabling our products to powerfully track real time spending. Fable is also at the forefront of alternative data ethics and standards.

Our services are exclusively designed for Institutional Investors and Retail & Commerce enterprises who require a reliable read in four key market areas – transactions, timing, shopper intelligence and competitor performance.

Institutional Investors

A unique source of real time company insight

  • ​Powering systematic trading models

  • Giving equity investors valuable advance indications of company earnings

  • Showing VCs the whole world of the consumer for deep analysis 

  • Providing revenue insights on private companies to PE funds.

Retail & Commerce

A real time portal into the consumer market

  • Giving unique insights into how and where your customers shop

  • Enabling whole of wallet analysis 

  • Providing named competitor intelligence in real time

  • Highlighting and pinpointing the size and growth of adjacent sectors.

Monitor direction and magnitude of merchant performance across Europe


Gain insights on business results before earnings


Observe behavioural shifts underpinning company and sector performance


Understand company KPI metrics including retention, wallet share, online/offline spend


Source new targets for investment from our long tail of tagged merchants

Perform due diligence on companies you are looking to invest in

Monitor your portfolio companies


Identify new verticals and adjacent business opportunities based on consumer spending habits

See your share of wallet in real-time

Perform cohort, churn and retention analysis

Ability to see your market share and benchmark against named competitors across multiple KPIs


Data empowerment at your fingertips

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