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Ethical, Compliant Data Monetization_

We have built long-term relationships with financial organizations across the world, based on mutual trust. Our ethical approach allows these organizations to unlock new revenue streams from their data while accelerating meaningful Environmental, Social and Governance impact.

Our suppliers include global banks, card issuers, and open banking fintechs.



The benefits of partnering with us

Generate new revenue

We ensure your data is being used ethically and compliantly and can provide you with a reliable and long-term revenue stream

Enhance the value of your data

Amplify the utility of your data by adding it to our diverse set of solutions for a broad range of customers

Create lasting ESG impact

Through our Data for Good initiative, economic decision makers can have access to the most up-to-date insights in the market. Partner with Fable and help make lasting ESG changes

Inform global decision making

By joining together datasets from different providers and nations, decision makers are able to draw on a much larger set of information, enabling them to make more informed decisions

Data Partnership Value Chain

Our methodology

Qualify and evaluate

We evaluate the revenue potential of joining your data with our range of multi-source and multi-country data products

Anonymize and cleanse

We support you to ensure your data is free of any personal information whilst cleaning and structuring it to fit our uniform data model

Enrich and productize

We enhance the value of your data via merchant tagging and by adding it to our multi-source data products designed for a range of clients and use cases

Deliver high margin revenue

Our experienced commercial team market Fable’s data products, successfully enabling us to deliver you a regular revenue stream

“This partnership contributes meaningfully to our local revenue. By adding our data to Fable’s existing data pool, the Bank has actively increased the value of its own data asset by combining it with other transaction data for maximum impact.

Our Legal and Compliance teams were also impressed by Fable’s approach to data regulation and ethics.”

Chief Data Officer, Tier 1 Global Bank

“We are working with cutting edge technology and financial partners from across Europe, to build anonymized consumer and business data sets that are real-time, large scale, accurate and predictive. We can see and assess the economy in real-time”

Luke Kennedy, Fable Data CEO

Be part of the data future

Researchers and policymakers are tapping into alternative data sources to improve the quality of evidence used for economic decision-making.

Through our Data for Good initiative, Fable Data works with universities, research organizations, and national and international economic decision makers across the world. By sharing our data on a pro-bono basis, we help generate faster and more accurate insights into how the world works and how it is changing.

This leads to better policies and, ultimately, better outcomes for more people.

Our Data Suppliers are encouraged and supported in joining us on this journey, allowing them to make a positive ESG impact with their data.


Fable’s data is trusted by many of the world’s most influential organizations including…



Challenges to realising value from transaction data

Regulatory compliance
Traceable user chain consent
Unstructured data analysis
Harmonized unified data model
Aggregated multiple data sets
Global signal creation
Dataset churn and skews
Flexible data productization
Go to market know how
Consistent product delivery

Frequently asked questions

Yes – at Fable Data, compliance is of utmost importance and we are a personal data free institution. We take a dual approach to anonymising data – we require our data suppliers to carry out anonymisation before sending data over  and we apply checks and processes internally. We have proprietary software that goes beyond the current regulatory requirements to ensure that all sensitive and personal data is removed.

Fable Data recognizes the importance of ethical and legal rights when it comes to protecting individual users’ autonomy and privacy. We review our data suppliers’ privacy policies and terms of use to make sure that appropriate consent is taken from individuals before their information is shared or used. At Fable Data, ensuring the safety of an individual’s data is at the forefront of our compliance practices.

Fable Data has developed a valuation algorithm which takes into account not only the quantity of transaction data but also the quality. Our multi-partner model allows us to create value out of complementary datasets by assembling them in one place – thus allowing us to monetize your data at a premium rate.  Please get in touch for more information about dataset value.

At Fable Data, we understand the power of data to improve decision making everywhere. That is why we work with leading financial institutions around the world. Our highly detailed and large scale datasets are generated in partnership with global banks as well as cutting edge open banking fintechs, offering clients access to over 8 billion transactions every year. To ensure our clients always get high quality data, all of our compliance methodologies have been developed with support from both global banks and independent organizations.

At Fable Data, we believe that data is a powerful tool in driving the most effective economic decisions. Our Data for Good initiative provides pro-bono data to universities, research organizations and national and international decision makers across the world. This allows us to help make meaningful changes at every level of the economy. In addition to our non-profit work, we also offer premium services to corporate clients seeking for-profit data solutions. With our commitment to accuracy and timeliness, Fable Data stands ready to contribute towards achieving our vision of a world where all economic decisions are made using the best data possible.

The latest from the Insights Centre

IMF – The Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks on Credit Card Spending

Researchers at the IMF have published another working paper using Fable’s data. The paper demonstrates the advantages of having high-frequency data to help improve the identification of the effects of monetary policy. The differences are particularly noticeable when compared to more traditional data sources on consumption, which are usually subject to less frequent aggregation. Additionally,…

Partner research

UK and Germany Spend Insight Report 05 Dec – 11 Dec 2022

In this week’s report, spend in the UK was flat 0% versus 2021 (YoY) and up 14% versus 2019 (Yo3Y). Spend in Germany was up 9% YoY and up 8% Yo3Y. In the UK, as we head into the peak holiday shopping season, spend declines are being seen across most High St regions relative to last year. In Germany, in contrast to the UK, spend growth is being seen across the High St and in some select categories including Clothing & Apparel, Sporting Goods and Health & Beauty Stores

Weekly Spend Report

UK and Germany Spend Insight Report 28 Nov – 04 Dec 2022

In this week’s report, spend in the UK was flat 0% versus 2021 (YoY) and up 10% versus 2019 (Yo3Y). Spend in Germany was up 10% YoY and up 2% Yo3Y. In the UK, Travel spend has picked up ahead of the holiday season. Electronics and Home/Furnishings/Appliances and key food related categories have not shown any major improvements. In Germany, Travel and Public Transport spend growth is above UK levels. Food & Beverage and Grocery/Bakery/Confectionery spending remains consistently higher than last year, continuing the trend seen through H2.

Weekly Spend Report

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