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We believe that a well-informed and well-managed economy generates a wide range of societal benefits, from job creation through to tackling global issues such as climate change.

Fable Data was created from the ambition to provide government, business and academia with access to such real-time quality economic data sets, to inform their vital global decision making.   

The next generation of economic statistics

Enabling better outcomes for everyone

For too long, official economic measurements have relied on data sets that are too small, skewed or lagged to enable any meaningful results.

We are helping to establish a new wave of reliable economic indicators based on high-frequency, large-scale quality datasets that are accurate and predictive.

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Fable Data in Action 2: Fable Data and the University of Nottingham

Track the Economy is a not-for-profit research institute at the University of Nottingham. They have developed the TE dashboard, which aims to support managerial decision making and policy formulation  by providing real-time insights on UK regional economic activity.  The aggregated real-time data dashboard includes Fable’s transaction data.


Deliver real time data and expertise to the world's leading institutions

Fable Data in Action 1: Fable Data and the Deutsche Bundesbank

The Bundesbank, the German central bank, is acknowledged as one of the leading financial institutions in the world. The COVID-19 crisis highlighted to the bank that there was a need for economic indicators to be available more quickly. Fable’s data now underpins the Bundesbank’s Weekly Activity Indexproviding a timely read on economic activity in Germany.

High quality, timely, data is of incredible value and importance for good public policy making. Sadly, governments often end up having to use data which is neither timely nor sufficiently robust.

Fable is able to produce data and analysis which gives both the public and private sectors the insights they need, when they need them

Rt Hon. David Laws, Former UK Government Minister & Fable NED