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This Week in Fable 20th – 26th July

Consumer Economy Report

YoY% spend in Germany is improving, down only 8% over the last month, compared to 2019. Over the same period, UK YoY% spend remains at 25% below 2019 levels. Download the Fable Data report to learn more.

This Week in Fable 13th - 19th July

Consumer Economy Report

As lockdown measures have eased across both UK and Germany, we have seen some divergence emerge between the spending patterns across the two countries. And two weeks on from the reopening of UK pubs and restaurants, we are continuing to see a
gradual improvement in Food & Beverage spend. Download the Fable Data report to learn more.

This Week in Fable 6th – 12th July

Consumer Economy Report

While overall spending patterns across both the UK and Germany have improved compared to peak lockdown levels, we have seen some divergence between the two countries. More recently, there is a noticeable improvement in YoY% spend in Germany, while in the UK, YoY% spend declines increased for a third consecutive week. Download the Fable Data report to learn more.

This Week in Fable 27th July – 2 August

Consumer Economy Report

Germany spend is down only 8% on a rolling 28 day YoY% basis, with Fable Data continuing to indicate an underlying improvement compared with peak lockdown levels. Download the Fable Data report to learn more.

This Week in Fable 3 - 9 August

Consumer Economy Report

The UK spend improved this week, up 11% YoY whereas on a rolling 28-day basis, spend still down c.14% YoY%. In Germany, spending have plateaued over the last four weeks, remaining down c.8% YoY.  Download the new Fable Data report to learn more.

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