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This Week in Fable 7 - 13 Sep

Consumer Economy Report

UK spending trends were positive again in this week (+4.8% YoY), with YoY spend up for the sixth consecutive week (rolling 28 day spend +6.6% YoY). In Germany, the recovery in overall spend has slowed, with this week’s spend (-9.2% YoY) in line with the average over the previous seven weeks. 

This Week in Fable 14 - 20 Sep

Consumer Economy Report

UK aggregate spend was down 1% YoY this week, following six consecutive weeks of YoY growth, On a rolling 28 day basis, the underlying spend trends in the UK remain positive, up 4% YoY. Germany aggregate spend remains down YoY, broadly unchanged from prior weeks. 

This Week in Fable 21 - 27 Sep

Consumer Economy Report

Following a decline of 1.3% YoY last week, UK aggregate spend was up 2.2% YoY this week. On a rolling 28 day basis UK spend is still positive, up 2.6% YoY, but the pace of growth appears to be slowing. In Germany, Travel & Tourism spend continued to be a drag, with aggregate spend exc. Travel & Tourism remaining flat YoY.

This Week in Fable 28 Sep - 4 Oct

Consumer Economy Report

UK aggregate spend is up 3.7% on a rolling 28 day basis (+8% YoY this week). In Germany, aggregate spend is down 12.1% YoY on a rolling 28 day basis, with this week’s decline of 19.6% YoY being the largest drop in four months. This week, even with Travel & Tourism excluded, Germany aggregate spend is down 12.5% YoY.

This Week in Fable 5 Oct - 11 Oct

Consumer Economy Report

Our latest report indicates that UK spend is up 4.3% YoY on a rolling 28 day basis (+7.3% this week, YoY). YoY growth continues to be driven by spend in categories such as General Merchandise, Grocery/Bakery/Confectionery and Hardware Stores & Garden Centres. German spend is down 11.6% YoY on a rolling 28 day basis. This week, spend was down 7.0% YoY, a noticeable turnaround from a 19.6% decline last week, and was supported by improved spend growth in Grocery/Bakery/Confectionery, Clothing & Apparel, Hardware Stores & Garden Centres categories. 

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