Recent Research Updates Using Fable Data

John Gathergood and Benedict Guttman-Kenney
‘The English Patient: Evaluating Local Lockdowns Using Real-Time COVID-19 & Consumption Data’

How can we contain COVID-19 without a fresh round of national lockdown? John Gathergood and Benedict Guttman-Kenney have researched the economic impact of local lockdowns, combining COVID-19 case reports with spending figures provided by Fable Data.

John Gathergood, Fabian Gunzinger, Benedict Guttman-Kenney, Edika Quispe-Torreblanca, Neil Stewart ‘Levelling Down and the COVID-19 Lockdowns: Uneven Regional Recovery in UK Consumer Spending’

This research from John Gathergood et al. looks at the varying rates of recovery in consumer spending across UK regions in the second half of 2020

Earnest Research and Fable Data ‘Spending in a Pandemic across the US, UK, and Germany’

Fable Data has partnered with Earnest Research to report on changes in consumer spending during the pandemic across the US, UK and Germany.

Economic Centre for Excellence ‘Data After COVID-19’ Conference

Hear Benjamin Lucas from the University of Nottingham speak about ‘The Covid-19 Recovery and Beyond:’, a project using Fable’s data.

University of Nottingham ‘Track the Economy’ Dashboard

Fable Data have partnered with the University of Nottingham on their Track the Economy dashboard, a real-time economic tracking tool designed to support managerial decision making and policy formulation

Bank of International Settlements ‘Data Science in Central Banking’ Workshop

Per Nymand-Andersen, adviser to the European Central Bank and Fable Data, recently spoke about the potential for real-time spending data to inform monetary policy at a BIS event on ‘Data Science in Central Banking’. View his presentation – Part 1, Session 3.1 – here