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HFM Best Alternative Data Provider 2021

Our mission is to arm the world’s decision-makers with the most reliable, trustworthy and timely pan European consumer transaction data available.


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A proven track record of ethical, compliant value creation

Fable’s data is trusted by many of the world’s most influential organizations including…


Compliance & Data Ethics

The Ethical Gold Standard

  • Compliance and data ethics are at the heart of our business. We call our methodology ‘privacy by design’, which means that responsible data handling, and the preservation of privacy, are always our first considerations, it is also key to our success
  • Transparent, integrated and innovative processes have been embedded into our daily operations, both internally and externally. As a result, we continue to collaborate with many influential global organisations who trust us and rely on our data to conduct their own economic analysis and policymaking.

62 Merchant categories

Spending across distinct merchant category groups

973 Tagged companies

rolled up to 455 tagged tickers across UK, EU, US and ROW

1463 Private companies

Consumer spending across private merchants

“By far the best European data vendor we have interacted with. Really like the clean, sophisticated mapping and different panelization methods – you have a really desirable data set”

Investor Client

“Earliest read of consumer behaviour during Covid-19”

Government Partner

“Great product in terms of coverage and timeliness. Particularly impressed with the live feed, mapping and Core Panel”

Investor Client

“Your data is the best we’ve seen from an EU perspective”

“Well structured, granular and good coverage”

Investor Client

“The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has used Fable data to help support questions in a wide range of policy areas. The speed of delivery allows us to get insight into rapidly evolving policy questions in real time, while the granularity of the transaction data enables us to understand the underlying drivers of changes in spending trend” 

Government Partner

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