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Anonymised. Real time. At scale.

Our mission is to provide great data to decision makers, in business & government

We believe great data can create a better world. You can trust Fable to provide the right data at the right time.

Our datasets are aggregated from anonymised consumer and SME transactions from millions of users, enabling insights into spending trends across all market sectors and 1000s of merchants.

Always GDPR compliant, always ethical

Data privacy and data ethics are the cornerstones of our business.

Market leading latency with a daily live feed

Be the first to know with our T+1 read of the European economy.

Europe’s leading source of transaction data

Access insights from millions of users across Europe.

“Strong correlations with tickers tested”

Data sourcing manager

Global hedge fund

Join our team

We value diversity and different perspectives.

Join us and create a better world with data.

We provide data and insight services using consumer and SME transaction data from millions of users within European banks and

credit card providers. We are on a mission to provide better data to decision makers,

anonymised, real time and at scale.

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