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Fable Data is an Award winning pioneer in the European alternative data market. ​We own the most comprehensive anonymised dataset of European real time banking and credit card data - that's millions of  consumers and over a billion rows of data.

​Fable's bespoke privacy technology, outstanding compliance methodologies, data ethics and deep sector expertise go well beyond what is legally required to ensure data anonymity and security.

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A 1 minute introduction to Fable Data
by co-founders Luke Kennedy and Suraj Gohil

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UK and Germany Spend Insight Report 18 – 25 Sep

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UK and Germany Spend Insight Report 12 – 18 Sep

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UK and Germany Spend Insight Report 05 – 11 Sep

“By far the best European data vendor we have interacted with.


Really like the clean, sophisticated mapping and different panelization methods – you have a really desirable data set” 


Global US Investment Manager


"We evaluated Fable's data and found it to be a highly correlated, leading indicator of official statistics. Its novel, real-time, disaggregated format is immensely valuable"

Chicago Booth School of Business


"Your data is fantastic. Please thank everyone at Fable for providing us with access and support.


We are using it everyday"



 UK Government Department 

What our clients say...

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Best Alternative Data Provider 2021. 

In recognition of cutting edge technology and market-leading products. Learn more here.